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Problems with family, friends or teachers?

Our counsellors understand what’s going on in young people’s lives and can help them deal with the challenges of school life and growing up. We offer a safe place for young people to talk about their thoughts and feelings in private.

The counsellor will help the child or young person to explore what is happening in their life and will help them to think about what they would like to be different and what they can do that would help them achieve that.

Who is it for?

We will see young people age 11+ who want to talk about any issue that’s bothering them. If we can’t help, we will do our best to find another specialist service which can.

Some of the issues our clients bring include:
• Parents arguing
• Parents separating or divorcing
• Step-families
• Illness of a family member
• Health or money worries
• Bereavement (which can be recent or some time ago)
• Abuse and violence between family members


We aim to provide a caring and effective service in a safe environment. We are particularly mindful of the need for confidentiality, and will always take not of any instruction you may have about how we are to contact you. We will not reveal confidential information to a third party unless someone’s personal safety is at risk or you’ve given us permission to do so. We will also not normally share information about the session with a young person’s parent or carer.


All feedback is welcome and can be left anonymously using our feedback form on our Contact page.


How you can help
Ways in which you can help include:
  • Single donation
  • Regular donation
  • Volunteer
  • Leave a legacy
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