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Separated Parenting Information Programme , Leaflet for Parents

New online programme – Getting it Right for Children When Parents Part

Most parents who separate want the best for their children; they don’t intentionally put them in the middle. By attending a PIP course you’re taking steps towards developing a new type of relationship with your ex. But it can still be difficult, even when you’re focussed on getting things right.

OnePlusOne has developed an online programme that will help you practice the skills you learn on the PIP course and apply them to your own situation, making it easier to parent after parting.


“Getting it Right for the Children” is an online programme developed by OnePlusOne to help separating and separated parents create successful care arrangements for their children by using tried-and-tested communications skills that they can practise in their own situation.


You will meet five families, all going through quite difficult situations, starting with Tom’s family. You can work through the families in your own time over days, weeks, or months – you’re in control.

When you first meet a family, you will see a situation going badly, and how a child might be put in the middle. Then you will see the same situation again, but this time the parents use skills like listening and negotiating. You will see that even a small change can make a big impact.

The programme is free and easy to use and you can access it by going to

“Whenever they argue, it always seems to be about me”


  • Go to and click on the ‘Programmes’ tab
  • Click on ‘Start the Programme’
  • If you’re not already registered on, you’ll have to sign up and confirm your account to continue.
  • If you’re already registered simply log in, click ‘Start the Programme’ and you’re on your way! is a free online service developed to help separated and separating parents manage emotions and create successful care arrangements after parting.

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Other useful contacts-

  • Cafcass – Earle House 6th Floor Colonial Street, Hull HU2 8JN
    Phone: 0300 456 4000
  • Local Authority – Hull City Council Family Support Guildhall, Alfred Gelder Street, Hull HU1 2AA
    Phone: 01482 300300
  • Local Authority – East Riding Council Family Support (01482) 395500
  • Family Mediation Council – 2 Old College Ct, Ware SG12 0DE
  • Sorting out separation –
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