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Everyone experiences difficulties now and then – it’s how you cope with these which make the difference.

Relationship counselling helps you to make the most of your relationships, past, present or future. Relate can help you even if you are not currently in a relationship.

We are the first source of help when people are faced with major crises in their relationships like divorce or separation; affairs or major conflict.

But we are also here for the worries that might seem trivial or minor. Even if things are going perfectly for you, we can help keep things that way. We can help you to find the support that is best for you and at a time to fit in with your life.

Who is it for?

Relate counselling is open to everyone. Whether you are married, living together, in a same-sex relationship, separated, divorced or single, our confidential service can help you deal with your relationship difficulties.

Some of the issues our clients bring include:
• Communication and conflict
• Step families
• Affairs
• Coping with major life changes
• Health or money worries
• Sexual relationships
• Balancing work and home

What Next?

Relate will ask you to come for a consultation with a counsellor. This session is to talk about your difficulties and to explore what help would be appropriate for you.  The counsellor will explain what counselling involves and answer any questions you might have.

Our assessment process includes time together and individually so that together, we can decide which Relate service might be most helpful to you or if an external resource could be more useful.

If at the end of the consultation process it is agreed that Relate counselling may be helpful we will ask you for details of your availability and will contact you when an appointment becomes available.

Counselling sessions are usually once a week and last approximately one hour. You will see the same counsellor each week.


We aim to provide a caring and effective service in a safe environment. We are particularly mindful of the need for confidentiality, and will always take note of any instruction you may have about how we are to contact you. We will not reveal confidential information to a third party unless someone’s personal safety is at risk.

Is there a cost?

It costs Relate £50 to provide a session of counselling so any donation received is appreciated. We are a not-for-profit service and the amount you donate can be discussed with your counsellor.

How you can help
Ways in which you can help include:
  • Single donation
  • Regular donation
  • Volunteer
  • Leave a legacy
Contacting Us