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We provide a range of counselling and support services to commercial and statutory organisations. In this work we are often dealing with matters which extend beyond those involving purely personal relationships.

Counselling services

Whilst the work we do will often involve relationship counselling it can also include issues around work, children, health and bereavement.

We currently work with several local businesses providing counselling

How does Contract Counselling help the company?

Stress at work is a serious problem for most employers. The pressures of business demands, and the accompanying stress on staff, seems to increase all the time. This stress can reduce the efficiency, availability and output of your teams. Problems they have at home are probably not your fault, but these problems can seriously affect your bottom line. Many employers understand that a small amount of money, targeted strategically at a problem, can save large losses in the future. A small investment in counselling would keep key staff working and functioning properly. For many companies staff are their most valuable asset, and we can help ensure that your assets continue to work for you.

In order to ascertain how we can best help your organisation, please contact Relate Hull & East Yorkshire to arrange an appointment with our Centre Manager.


We offer a range of training and staff development courses which can be tailored to meet your company’s particular needs.

Counselling skills for non counsellors is our most popular course funded by employers for their staff. It provides an introductory framework of skills for supporting colleagues and enables staff to understand the counselling process so that they are more able to deal with emotional problems and recognise when further specialist support may be required.

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